Since its establishment, the Law Office has been providing complex legal services to permanent clients (limited liability companies, corporations, holding companies), as well as providing legal services to occasional clients, including legal representation in court and in extrajudiciary proceedings, and collaborating in negotiations aiming to reach out-of-court settlements of disputes.

The office has professional experience in the following fields of law:

  • Civil law
  • Drafting of and advising on various contracts
  • Purchase and sale of real estate; lease, life care and life annuity contracts, works contracts, contracts of agency, etc.
  • Legal counsel, representation in civil proceedings in court and out of court (payment orders, liquidations, probate proceedings, etc.)
  • Drafting and amending memorandums of association/foundation of non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations), representation of NGO’s
  • Drafting and amending memorandums of association of housing associations, their representation, drafting and amending of organizational and operational rules.
  • etc.

  • Company law
  • Drafting of company law documents (articles of association, amendments to articles of association)
  • Representation in company law proceedings
  • Drafting legal documents for company restructuring
  • etc.

  • Labour law
  • Drafting of and advising on employment contracts
  • Legal representation in labour disputes

  • Public procurement law
  • Representation and legal counsel in public procurement procedures

  • Copyright
  • Legal advice and representation in copyright matters and disputes
  • Drafting of and advising on license agreements
  • Trademark protection matters